Aluminium Bolts


Aluminium Bolts

with a surface resistant to corrosion, low weight and in different colors:

Aluminium Bolts

The Aluminium Bolts are mainly manufactured from Aluminium EN AW 7075 T6 (W.-Nr. 3.4365) with CNC manufactured or cold forged heads and rolled threads. Al 7075 T6 does have a Tensile Strength of min. 540 N/mm², a Yield Strength of min. 480 N/mm² and a Ductility of min. 10%.

Apart from plain (not anodized) Aluminium Bolts, currently we do offer eight different color variations: Siilver Aluminium Bolts, Black Aluminium Bolts, Blue Aluminium Bolts, Red Aluminium Bolts, Golden Aluminium Bolts, Green Aluminium Bolts, Purple Aluminium Bolts und Orange Aluminium Bolts.

Our Aluminium Bolt product range contains sizes from M2 to M10. The length of the Aluminium Bolts has to be measured without the head (Except: Countersunk Bolts and Raised Countersunk Bolts).

The delivery programm covers Allen Key Bolts with Cap Head (DIN 912 / ISO ISO 4762) / Countersunk Bolts (~DIN 7991 / ~ISO 10642) / Button Head Bolts (~ISO 7380) / Raised Countersunk Bolts (~DIN 964 / ~ISO 2010) as well as Tapered Head Bolts, Hex Head Bolts (~DIN 6921 / ~ISO 8102 ), Tapping Bolts (~DIN 7981 / ~ISO 7049 ) and several Nuts, Washers in the common standards.

As a business customer you can order our Aluminium Bolts also in our B2B Aluminium Bolt Shop.

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