Carbon Fiber Bolts

Carbon or more precisely CFRP (Carbon fiber reinforced polymer) is beside Aluminum and Titanium on of the most important light weight materials. Made of CFRP we now also offer

Carbon Fiber Bolts

which perfectly fits the needs of light weight construction by its low own weight.


The lightest of our Carbon Fiber Bolts size M4 just do weight 0,3g. The matching Carbon Fiber Nuts does have a weight of only 0,13 g/pcs.

The ratio of carbon fibers is ~50% and the mass density is ~1,5 g/cm³. Carbon Fiber Bolts are water-repellent and electrically conductive.

The color of the Carbon Fiber Bolts is grayish up to black.

Our product range of Carbon Fiber Bolts contains the sizes M3, M4, M5 and M6 as well as lengths from 8 to 40mm. Also the length of Carbon Fiber Bolts will be measured without the bolt head (Exception: Countersunk Bolts)!
The stocked Carbon Fiber Bolt portfolio lists only a few lengths because it is easily possible to shorten the bolts individually. If you need a M4 Carbon Fiber Bolt with 20mm length, you can simply buy and shorten a M4x40mm bolt.

Our delivery program includes Allen Key Socket Bolts with Cap Head (DIN 912 / ISO 4762) and Countersunk Bolts (~DIN 7991 / ~ISO 10642) complemented by eligible Hex Nuts (DIN 934 / ISO 4033) in M4 to M6.